"Tōfu kozō" 5 x 7 limited edition print

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We love monsters of all kinds, and Japanese Yōkai have always been a big influence on us. We are thrilled to get to visit Japan this year for our 10 year anniversary, and to celebrate, we created a print set of some of our favorite yōkai.

Each print is only available for the two weeks we're in Japan (January 13-27).  Each print is sold individually, but you can also get the full set of 4 which comes with a bonus 5th print!

Tōfu kozō, or Tofu Boy, is a yokai that looks like a young boy carrying tofu.  He will follow you home, but he's too shy to approach you. 

This print measures 5 x 7 and is printed on archival Royal Sundance 100lb felt cover stock. This paper has a great texture that showcases the color and feel of the design. It will arrive signed and shipped flat with a protective backing board.